Nov 022014

Dale & Vale Vets are holding the following meetings:

6th November @ Scotch Corner Motel

“Making gains from your losses” – a meeting looking at the information that can be gained by looking at post-mortem material.

Should be an entertaining evening, Ben Strugnell is a very enthusiastic speaker.

13th November @ Scotch Corner Motel

“Keeping Horses Healthy” our 3rd in a series of equine meetings. Looking at general horse health and when you should call the vet.

18th November @ Wensleydale Rugby Club

20th November @Leeming Bar Motel

The same meeting run at two different locations examining Johne’s Disease in both beef and dairy cows.

This is utilising some levy funding and should be an interesting evening for anyone having trouble with this persistent problem.

Please RSVP to your usual practice.

Non clients always welcome. leeminglameness1

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