Jan 212012

Dale & Vale Vets welcomed 80 farmers to Wensleydale RUFC before christmas for a meeting on a variety of topics impacting on sheep health and productivity.

These included the importance of ewe nutrition in minimising mortality, and maximising lamb birth weights, colostrum and milk production. The importance of blood sampling ewes 6 weeks pre-lambing was stressed. A presentation on lameness stimulated some lively discussion. With over 10% of sheep lame, adopting a planned approach to lameness is paramount in achieving a marked reduction or eradication. This may include vaccination. Whilst many farmers may consider themselves familiar with the vaccines commonly used in sheep a thought provoking discussion highlighted the requirement for correct vaccine protocols, including correct storage, doses, timings and routes of administration. Finally these topics were brought together in a presentation on Flock Health Planning. This highlighted the importance of a planned and structured approach to flock health and productivity in the form of a flock health plan produced in conjunction with your vet.

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